A tribute to my best girl

We always joked that “it was hard to be Ellie.”

She was scared of everything, cautious to a fault, crazy intuitive, and she loved with every ounce of her soul.

She loved so damn hard.

Ellie knew she was supposed to be here. We visited her at just a few weeks old, playing with her and the other puppies. We hadn’t been on the road long, when the breeder called, held up the phone, and said “that’s your puppy wailing the in background. She started when you left.”

She’d been attached to my side…

Find it at https://authory.com/CarrieCousins

I’ve tried quite a few services that claim to scour the web and find your writing credits and gather them in one place with mixed success.

Until now.

Authory works like a charm. I signed up for a free trial and the software used a little AI magic — or probably just smart linking tools — to pull my bylines into a single feed. Now it updates everything regularly and I don’t have to do a thing.

You can find my full portfolio here.

How It Works

Experimental typeface design by Studio Triple
Experimental typeface design by Studio Triple
Typeface design by Studio Triple

Typography is at the core of the personality and style of a design project.

A type choice can blend into the background with subtlety that helps clearly communicate messaging or serve as a dominant visual force that pushes the design forward. Either way, typeface design is an important element in any project.

Experimental typefaces can help add a powerful edge or the right feeling to a design. They often serve as artistic and typographic elements concurrently. …

The next phase of user experience design is chat. Designers will create interfaces that actually have conversations with users, doing anything from helping them through an online shopping dilemma to finding directions. And you’ll do it with chatbots.

A chatbot, or “chatting robot,” is a tiny computer program that complements the website design. They are often somewhat invisible until you need them. And they are starting to show up everywhere. Companies from Slack to Facebook are using chatbots to help users solve problems.

Even if you haven’t had experience with a chatbot yet, chances are you will be asked to…

Carrie Cousins

Designer, writer and content marketer. Sports nut. Runner. Borderline crazy dog lady. Believer in karma.

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